Wholeness Activation, Divine Alignment, Agreement Breaking

My life’s work is to activate and inspire you to fully embrace your Vibrant Wholeness and to align with your Divine Self.

In my work I utilize the gifts I have been given – Intuition, Clair cognizance, and a deep connection with both Grace and the Circle of Consciousness Involved with Creation. The visionary and pioneering processes I now offer, were originated as I was being guided to embrace my own Vibrant Wholeness. My books have been designed to activate you and connect you with Grace – the unconditional love from the Divine.

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Why Sue?

Sue is an author, speaker, gifted intuitive, visionary, and a Wholeness Activator. She is passionate about empowering people to reach their full potential and bring their unique gifts to the world. Sue has been assisting people around the world to remember and embrace their innate, Vibrant Wholeness.

In this time of great transition, there are many new modalities and technologies showing up to assist humanity to make this quantum leap in consciousness.

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…to align you and free you from what holds you back:

The Wholeness Alignment Process and Wholeness Work

Achieving Health Through Wholeness – Innovative approach to Lyme and other chronic mystery illness

These and other programs available as individual or group sessions, in person or online.

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…to activate and inspire

Ancient Ones Are Calling UsLearning to Listen Changed My Life – Join Sue as she stumbles upon the pieces to her life purpose, including her mystical journey to Tasmania. This book will have you considering the messages you have been ignoring.

Coming soon – Creation’s Message – More from Creation as Sue returns to Tasmania and the real communication begins.

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Get a signed copy of Sue’s newest book: “Ancient Ones Are Calling Us – Learning to Listen Changed My Life.” With humor and honesty, Sue shares her mystical journey to Tasmania to find the missing piece to her life purpose.

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What people are saying…

“Sue’s book is captivating, motivating and inspirational. Her unlikely progression from accountant to spiritual conduit is fascinating and deeply revelatory. Her written expression flows effortlessly and wraps you in suspense and wonder. Wonder at her gifts as well as the unfoldment of the readers’ gifts. A book that you don’t want to end even when the pages stop you know the story is never ending.”

Noel K. Marshall, PhD

Encoded Like a Seed

By |March 9th, 2018|Categories: Book Musings|

“We all come into this world encoded like a seed . . . with our blueprint, what we are here for, what our gifts are, what we can become. Look at the oak tree, whose template is fully held inside the acorn. It is just [...]


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