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Sue was called to Tasmania in 2007 where she began receiving messages from Creation about what’s going on with humanity and how to help. In 2014, Sue received the Wholeness Alignment (WA), a life changing protocol designed to align you with your Divine Self and clear the myriad of interference and blocks that keeping you from thriving.

Sue’s desire was to seed the Wholeness Alignment process directly into the collective unconscious for humanity, to be freely accessed by you and others if you so choose. She was directed to write books that, by reading these books, would activate and connect you with the energy of Grace which is a necessary component for the Wholeness Alignment. (In her online or in person sessions, Sue is able to bring the Grace connection for you.)

The first book, Ancient Ones Are Calling Us – Learning to Listen Changed My Life, is available now. There are 2 other books currently in process. The Map Journey – Navigating Wholeness Through the Field of Grace, and Creation’s Message.

Ancient Ones Are Calling Us
Learning to Listen Changed My Life

Available now!

Do you feel like your life purpose is eluding you?
Do you shrug off your inner knowing as crazy?
Do you feel trapped in your life, but want more?

If you answered yes, then you’ll want to read this book.

With humor and honesty, Sue shares her mystical journey to Tasmania to find the missing piece to her life purpose. Her story will stir the soul whispers that you’ve been ignoring and the possibility that your wildest dreams can come true. As you experience her journey, you will…

  • Dare to listen to and trust those deep inner knowings.
  • Feel empowered to be courageous and move beyond fear.
  • Be accelerated to embrace your soul’s path, however elusive.
  • Discover those painful karmic and soul agreements can be broken.
  • Ask yourself, “What’s stopping me?”

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Sue’s Wholeness Toolkit

Do you feel like you need a daily reminder that you are whole?
Do you forget to use the forgiveness process to free yourself?
Would you like to continually bless others with Grace?

If you answered yes, then this toolkit may be perfect!

Included in this toolkit are the following:

  • The daily alignment magnet that reminds you each day of the choices you can make about about your alignment with your Divine Self, about your willingness to receive help and support, about your Divine Path.
  • The 2 sided Forgiveness Process postcard that guides you through the process so that you can free yourself.
  • A car magnet that says, “Have a Grace filled day!” so that you bless those around you.
  • A removeable label for your water bottle or computer that wishes you those same blessings, “Have a Grace filled day!”
  • Sue’s book inscription bookmark.

Available now!

Coming Soon

The Map Journey – Navigating Wholeness in the Field of Grace

Embracing Wholeness is an exciting journey, but can also bring the feeling of leaving the past behind and entering into a future that is, as yet, unfamiliar.

The Map Journey is designed to provide insights and perspectives that empower you to navigate your old situations in a new way, in an easy grace filled way. It guides you to discover and embrace a life that is fulfilling, positive, and empowers you to reach your highest potential.

The Map Journey is part workbook, giving you simple tools and processes to work with so you can make new choices more in alignment with your Divine Self. It also is a chronicle of your journey, and will enable you to really appreciate how far you’ve come.

Creation’s Message

Ancient Ones Are Calling Us was just the beginning of an amazing journey. Sue returned to Tasmania and continued to deepen her connection with the consciousness that had called her there. Through Lyme disease, a failed marriage, and other challenges, she trusted Spirit and followed her inner knowing along the path laid before her. She realized she was in training, and finally recognized how she could assist herself and eventually others into embracing our Wholeness.

Creation’s Message is designed to activate you so that you, the reader, are able to access the Wholeness Alignment  and Grace directly –  and move into the life that has been calling you. A life that is fulfilling, graceful, and empowers you to reach your highest potential. The goal of this  book and Sue’s work with Creation is to enable you to fully embrace YOUR Wholeness.

What readers have to say…

I was entranced from the beginning

In Ancient Ones Are Calling Us, Sue Cimino tells her beguiling and meaningful story of awakening. I was entranced from the beginning with the open, honest rendition of her journey and with her invitation to us to join together in community and consciousness. The book is a must read for all who truly care about awareness and our future. This work is important. Don’t miss it!

Elsie Ritzenhein
Author of Awakening Your Creative Voice/Women in a World of Possibility (2017) and Creative Director/CEO of Inspiring Creative Women, LLC,

Captivating, motivating and inspirational

Sue’s book is captivating, motivating and inspirational. Her unlikely progression from accountant to spiritual conduit is fascinating and deeply revelatory. Her written expression flows effortlessly and wraps you in suspense and wonder. Wonder at her gifts as well as the unfoldment of the readers’ gifts. A book that you don’t want to end – even when the pages stop – you know the story is never ending.

Noel K. Marshall, PhD
Co-founder:, Co-Founder:

A wonderfully written book

Ancient Ones are Calling Us by Sue Cimino is a wonderfully written book that carries an essential message for our world. Sue’s lighthearted description of her journey to connecting with and completely trusting her inner guidance is an inspiration for us all. Sue is a wonderfully heart-centered individual whose guidance has opened my eyes to my divine purpose in a way that totally changed my life. Read this book and let it transform your life.

Ted Murray
Author, Tennis from the Heart-Pursuing the Dream

Find your own path

I love the tone and the tempo of this book. And most of all, Sue Cimino’s message to all of us. The story feels true to me – very believable, and beautiful. Reading this story of opening up to your true meaning was inspiring in a very calming way. Cimino does not force-feed action points, she lets you follow the light and find your own path.

Sinclair Lappi
Author of the upcoming novel Indigo Twin

Connect with your soul

Sue Cimino’s book, Ancient Ones Are Calling Us, activates you to connect with your soul. While reading her story, you are empowered to release the blocks to your spiritual essence. Do yourself a favor and read this book!

Kathy Mason
Author, speaker and trainer,

Profound and exciting

This book is terrific. Sue’s experiences are profound and exciting. I felt very much inspired throughout. I was totally engaged and laughed out loud many times. I could see so much of myself in her story and feel you will too.

Shulé Marie Besher
Facilitator of Mystical Egypt Activation Tours

Remarkable adventures

Sue Cimino’s gripping narrative of her remarkable adventures with the indigenous ancestors of Tasmania will enlighten and energize you for your own soul’s calling. Following her journey from a successful career as an accountant as she becomes an adventurer into remote areas of Tasmania, she frankly and engagingly details the detours, the rocks in the road, and the doubts, as well as the inspiring high points and the timely companions who helped along the way and always must accompany us as we dare to live our lives to their most grand, full purpose.

Trish Broersma
Author, Riding Into Your Mythic Life: Transformational Adventures with the Horse

A peculiarly intimate experience

Reading Cimino’s writing is a peculiarly intimate experience: it’s more than just being in the room listening to someone tell a fascinating story. Instead she engages the reader until they feel they’re there, that they are living the narrator’s experience. She has a wonderful, conversational easy-to-read voice that will transport you to far places and strange experiences. Take this journey of discovery with her!

Dave Freer
Wall Street Journal best-seller listed author of 21 novels, including the Dragon Award shortlisted Changeling’s Island

Thought provoking tale

A delightful and thought provoking tale describes Sue’s unfolding life path from a logical accountant to a cosmic world adventurer. She travels to Tasmania and interfaces with aborigines, considered to be the oldest people on the planet to obtain a deep and ancient knowing that humanity is on the verge of a tremendous quantum leap. She encourages us to overcome our fear of fear to discover and embrace our uniquely beautiful self and live our unfolding soul’s purpose, so we can play our role as one of the pattern-breakers within humanity in this new era. Lastly, she reminds us to be patient, continue to listen, hear, and celebrate ourselves as we discover what is possible.

Lisa Tully, PhD
Founder - Energy Medicine Research Institute,

A page-turner

Sue Cimino’s writing moves at an easy pace that makes her book a page-turner: What’s going to happen next? She demonstrates a breadth of experience in the common or earthly world, as well as a familiarity with inner world. She does it in a way that is instructive—you can learn from her experiences. Artistic, heartful, and useful, a very good combination!

David Tresemer, PhD
President, Association for Anthroposophic Psychology,; Editor and contributor, The Counselor…As If Soul and Spirit Matter

Hand and hand with Sue

I felt as if I was walking hand and hand with Sue on her journey…my inner-knowing was reassured igniting my heart and soul.

JoAnne Palladino
Lightworker and Channel for Shmaya, the Beings of Light,