“We all come into this world encoded like a seed . . . with our blueprint, what we are here for, what our gifts are, what we can become. Look at the oak tree, whose template is fully held inside the acorn. It is just waiting for the right conditions to express its full oak-tree self. We are the same. Within each one of us is a deep memory of our essence, what we’re designed for, and what will fulfill us like nothing else.

The oak tree doesn’t suffer self-doubt or criticize itself for being what it is. It doesn’t compare itself to others and feel not good enough. Or wail that it doesn’t know how to grow into a tree. It wears its oak leaves with certainty as it slowly grows into an enormous and beautiful tree, a full expression of its divine design.

Within every seed and within each one of us, is the urge, the whisper, that inclination . . . Showing us the direction, the path to the fulfillment of our destiny . . . Whether we recognize it or not.”

– Excerpt from Ancient Ones Are Calling Us – Learning to Listen Changed My Life by Sue Cimino (February 2018)