Reach beyond your limitations. Embrace your Vibrant Wholeness.

Wholeness Work – To activate and inspire you to remember, embrace and embody your vibrant Wholeness in full alignment with your Divine blueprint. And to remove those “things” that block your awareness of this innate wholeness. This work will enable you make quantum leaps in all areas of your life and health, whether you are looking for:

  • Greater health, physically and emotionally
  • Enhanced clarity and guidance to find and fulfill your soul’s purpose
  • More ease, grace, joy and fulfillment in your life and relationships
  • Freedom from your personal blocks to Wholeness, such as emotional baggage, karmic or soul agreements that you’ve carried for lifetimes, interference of any kind, and subconscious / unconscious beliefs and patterns that affect your life.
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Where to Start

The Wholeness Alignment Process (WAP) is the first step to embracing your Wholeness. You will be guided and facilitated through the process of making the choice to align fully with your Divine Self. This life changing process will enable you to make a quantum leap into Wholeness – activating and empowering you by:

  • Enabling you to fully restore your alignment with your Divine Self, your Essence, the highest you.
  • Empowering you to move forward with ease and grace.
  • Clearing subconscious blocks to your Wholeness, such as interference, unconscious programming or patterning, and excess emotional baggage.
  • Breaking those karmic or soul agreements that are causing you suffering or keeping you stuck in old patterns, including ancestral ones.
  • Realigning and resetting your body for optimal health.
  • Releasing deeply embedded trauma carried for lifetimes.
  • Facilitating your ability to make breakthroughs in your life, your health, and your purpose.

The Wholeness Alignment Process (WAP) packages include:

  • The complete Wholeness Alignment Process.
  • One follow up session.
  • Membership in the WAP Facebook group – ask questions, keep apprised of any upgrades or special offers, and connect with others.

Individual WAP package – $444 – 4 hours of session time

Group WAP package – $200 each person – 6 hours of session/workshop time and 1 hour individual follow up session. (Special pricing available for your group.)

WAP individual tune up sessions as needed – $125/hour – Designed to unraveling the “underpinnings” of certain deeply rooted issues, including health. Utilizes agreement breaking work, clearing past life trauma, and resolving issues stemming from unconscious choices.

Taking it to the next level

Embracing Vibrant Wholeness 101 – Live group program – $222. Small group online calls with Sue twice monthly for 3 months. (Limited to 12 people.) Designed to support you to transition into Wholeness and full Divine Alignment with ease and grace. Includes membership in the private Wholeness 101 Facebook group, so you can share, ask questions and connect with others. Each 90 minute calls will be recorded and will always include:

  • Reconnecting with Grace.
  • Taking the WAP to a higher level.
  • Resetting the body.
  • Upgrading the WAP, when needed.
  • Agreement breaking or “underpinnings” work for specific issues.
  • Tools and exercises to deal with stumbling blocks to Wholeness.
  • Q and A time.

Wholeness Mentoring for individuals – $1500 – Three months of personal help to really jump start you on your path and assist in clearing self-sabotage and anything else that is hindering your progress. It will also include processes to help you connect with your guidance, access Grace, find your path, and move forward with courage. This includes:

  • Individual 90 minute calls with Sue twice monthly for 3 months. This program is custom tailored to you and your concerns.
  • Inclusion in the Embracing Vibrant Wholeness 101 group calls (every other week) and membership in the Wholeness 101 Facebook group
  • Membership in an exclusive Wholeness Mentoring Facebook group

Achieving Health through Wholeness Retreats – Coming Soon – An innovative approach to stubborn health issues, Lyme and other chronic mystery illness. Lyme disease was the catalyst for Sue to discover and develop The Wholeness Alignment Process (WAP), a ground breaking protocol that enabled her and many others to recover from Lyme completely. Each program will be tailored to individual or group needs based on the issue being faced and includes these modalities and more:

Contact Sue to see what’s possible for you or your group.


Rocked my world

You have indeed rocked my world … Firstly, my breathing is so much better now.… I love my new Guides, they are amazing and so in tune with me, I didn’t realize it could be so easy!! … I feel an incredible shift that I really don’t have the right words to describe … TRANSFORMATIONAL will have to do ….. I feel like I have been infused with Grace all through my being, which is vibrating in me ever so gently….pulsating in a way I have never experienced before and it is ongoing as well. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Sue.

Gudrun Steffen
Vancouver, BC Canada

The Whole Being Alignment has changed me

I just wanted to say thank you. The Whole Being Alignment has changed me. It’s a little hard to say how because I am the changed factor, but I am seeing the world differently. It’s awesome! Also, my back is better too!!!! Thank you for the work you do.

Cameron Kennedy
Madison, WI

Truly transformational

I did a session with Sue last week, and it was truly transformational. I highly recommend Sue’s healing work. With deep intuition, compassion and humour, she helps clear blockages, agreements and beliefs that are no longing serving, and ready to GO, so you can be FREE and in the greatest FLOW of your life!!

Pamela Jane Gerrand
Stratford, Ontario

It just feels right.

It just feels right. As if everything is moving in the right direction the way it’s supposed to be. I feel my purpose in my heart and whole being; it’s not just words. I don’t feel as vulnerable.

Elsie Ritzenhein
Shelby Township, Michigan

A loving and compassionate soul

Working with Sue is a true delight! She is a loving and compassionate soul and an extraordinary intuitive who is able to really tap into the clearing that your soul is needing. In addition to going deep and pulling up the roots of several core issues during my first session, her work cleared the path for me to manifest my desires in many other areas. I highly recommend working with Sue.

Melinda Anderson
Golden, Colorado