Hand and hand with Sue

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I felt as if I was walking hand and hand with Sue on her journey…my inner-knowing was reassured igniting my heart and soul.

A page-turner

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Sue Cimino’s writing moves at an easy pace that makes her book a page-turner: What’s going to happen next? She demonstrates a breadth of experience in the common or earthly world, as well as a familiarity with inner world. She does it in a way that is instructive—you can learn from her experiences. Artistic, heartful, [...]

Thought provoking tale

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A delightful and thought provoking tale describes Sue’s unfolding life path from a logical accountant to a cosmic world adventurer. She travels to Tasmania and interfaces with aborigines, considered to be the oldest people on the planet to obtain a deep and ancient knowing that humanity is on the verge of a tremendous quantum leap. [...]

A peculiarly intimate experience

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Reading Cimino’s writing is a peculiarly intimate experience: it’s more than just being in the room listening to someone tell a fascinating story. Instead she engages the reader until they feel they’re there, that they are living the narrator’s experience. She has a wonderful, conversational easy-to-read voice that will transport you to far places and [...]

Remarkable adventures

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Sue Cimino’s gripping narrative of her remarkable adventures with the indigenous ancestors of Tasmania will enlighten and energize you for your own soul’s calling. Following her journey from a successful career as an accountant as she becomes an adventurer into remote areas of Tasmania, she frankly and engagingly details the detours, the rocks in the [...]

Profound and exciting

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This book is terrific. Sue's experiences are profound and exciting. I felt very much inspired throughout. I was totally engaged and laughed out loud many times. I could see so much of myself in her story and feel you will too.

Connect with your soul

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Sue Cimino's book, Ancient Ones Are Calling Us, activates you to connect with your soul. While reading her story, you are empowered to release the blocks to your spiritual essence. Do yourself a favor and read this book!

Find your own path

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I love the tone and the tempo of this book. And most of all, Sue Cimino's message to all of us. The story feels true to me – very believable, and beautiful. Reading this story of opening up to your true meaning was inspiring in a very calming way. Cimino does not force-feed action points, she lets [...]

A wonderfully written book

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Ancient Ones are Calling Us by Sue Cimino is a wonderfully written book that carries an essential message for our world. Sue’s lighthearted description of her journey to connecting with and completely trusting her inner guidance is an inspiration for us all. Sue is a wonderfully heart-centered individual whose guidance has opened my eyes to [...]

Captivating, motivating and inspirational

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Sue’s book is captivating, motivating and inspirational. Her unlikely progression from accountant to spiritual conduit is fascinating and deeply revelatory. Her written expression flows effortlessly and wraps you in suspense and wonder. Wonder at her gifts as well as the unfoldment of the readers’ gifts. A book that you don’t want to end – even [...]

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