Sue is an author, speaker, gifted intuitive, visionary, and a believer in miracles. She is also a Wholeness Activator. She is passionate about empowering people to reach their full potential and bring their unique gifts to the world. Sue has been assisting people around the world to remember and embrace their innate, Vibrant Wholeness.

In this time of great transition, there are many new modalities and technologies showing up to assist humanity to make this quantum leap in consciousness. Sue’s Wholeness Alignment process and other Wholeness Work sessions are one of these new technologies. As you consider Sue to assist you in moving into Wholeness, we trust you will be guided if she is a good fit for you.

Why Sue? What energies, experiences or wisdom does Sue bring to this work?

  • Grace – Sue carries the gift of Grace, the Alchemy of Wholeness, Agape or Divine Unconditional Love. This is the secret ingredient that makes the Wholeness Alignment process and all of this Wholeness Work so effective. This is what makes the impossible possible – for you.
  • Deep knowing from A Course in Miracles – Through this profound message from Jesus, Sue integrated the lessons of Grace, forgiveness, invulnerability, ordinary miracles – and the most challenging, yet freeing lesson of all – the realization we are not victims of anything. Sue deeply embraced the knowing that the universe is wholly beneficent, and everything is in harmony, no matter what it looks like.
  • Agreement Breaking Discovery – While dealing with memories of being tortured in past lives, Sue had the ground breaking revelation that we can break these agreements by our choice and through Grace. This goes beyond forgiveness, and the effects and karma are both unraveled for all involved. This release can quickly change things for you – things that had seemed to be unchangeable.
  • Circle of Consciousness Involved with Creation – In 2007, Sue was “called” to Tasmania. On this mystical journey she connected with the timeless Circle of Consciousness that has been whispering to humanity for eons, helping us to evolve and grow. This ancient celestial energy continues to work with and through Sue, to help you and all humanity raise in consciousness and move into Wholeness.
  • Wholeness Activation – Sue recognizes your innate and Vibrant Wholeness and is able to gently activate it. The truth of you is already true – you just need to remember it, accept it, embrace it, and ultimately embody it. You are already all you need to be…. Loved, precious, supported and perfect. Wholeness work just removes the blocks to this remembrance and knowing – so that you can move forward into your full potential and fulfill your soul’s purpose.
  • Recovery from Lyme disease – Lyme disease was the catalyst to compel Sue to discover and embrace her gifts. She had wrestled with ill health for most of her life, but it was the onset of Lyme that forced her to remember that physical symptoms are often the result of underlying factors that are beyond our awareness. She was guided to develop The Wholeness Alignment (WA), a ground breaking protocol that enabled her and many others to recover completely.
  • Wholeness Alignment (WA) – Sue is the originator of this life changing protocol and has years of experience assisting thousands of clients to align with their Divine Self and embrace their Wholeness.
  • Enlightenment and transcendence are old paradigm. An awakening experience in the late 80s started Sue on a path of following guidance and living in Grace. Later, Sue was taken “beyond duality” for 18 months. When she was returned to this dualistic awareness, she knew she was here to hunker down in her humanity and transmute the fear and negativity in the human collective unconscious. She recognized that we are here to transmute and embody ordinary Christ consciousness through embracing the truth of our own innate Wholeness.
  • Dark Night of the Soul – Sue spent 3 years dealing with serious illness and lifetimes of fracturing. She discovered the Agreement Breaking Work at this time and learned firsthand about the subconscious baggage we all carry without realizing the negative impact it has on our lives. This is when Sue was able to start on the path to Wholeness.
  • Natural skepticism – Sue was naturally skeptical which made her a great accountant and auditor. This logical, rational mind made her spiritual journey quite challenging. But in the end, her love of details and need to prove things to herself enabled her to pull together the pieces into a profoundly balanced body of Wholeness Work.
  • Certified Hypnotist – Sue certified with the world renowned Marisa Peer and her Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and MPM hypnotherapy.
  • BICOM Bioresonance Therapist – Trained in Australia, Sue learned surprising things about how the body actually welcomes Lyme and other pathogens in a desperate attempt to deal with the heavy metals and toxins that are plentiful in today’s world. Testing for pathogens using the BICOM enabled Sue to substantiate her early results with the Wholeness Alignment.
  • Sue continues to live in Grace and work with the Circle of Consciousness Involved with Creation as this Wholeness Work unfolds. She is currently living in Maryland, USA.